Tax planning

Analyze the tax environment of the United States through legal means, and design a reasonable tax strategy to achieve the purpose of maximizing tax benefits. Chang & Deka tax consultants can assist you in understanding the tax laws and regulations, and provide you with the most suitable tax planning solutions.

Recommended Tax Strategies
● Buy investments: Look for investments with ROI to reduce cash flow.
● Seek deductions: Explore tax savings such as charitable donations, home loan interest, business expenses, and more.
● Appropriate Expense Allocation: Allocate expenditure to the current year or the next year to reduce the tax amount of the current year.
● Reasonable corporate structure: Proper corporate structure can reduce tax burden, such as operating business in the form of S corporation or LLC.
● Use retirement plans to save: use 401k, IRA and other retirement plans to reduce cash flow and put the proceeds into retirement accounts.

Advantages of tax planning
● Tax saving: through scientific and rational taxation strategies, the tax burden of taxpayers can be reduced to the greatest extent.
● Avoid Breaking the Law: Legal tax avoidance, avoiding fines and criminal liability for violating tax regulations.
● Increase wealth: increase the effective use of funds, thereby increasing wealth.
● Improve management efficiency: Through the service of tax declaration planning, taxpayers can easily and quickly understand their tax status and improve management efficiency.
● Improve tax knowledge: understand tax knowledge and improve the tax knowledge level of taxpayers.

Services offered by Chang & Deka
● Completion of charitable donations ● Estate transfer tax amounts
● Preparation of estate planning documents ● Reduce certification costs
● Tax dispute resolution ● Set up a professional asset planning team
● Analysis of current financial situation ● Future financial planning
● Transfer of ownership of assets to heirs at will ● Living will trust ● Real estate target plan
● Tax planning, estimation, declaration, agency, consulting... and many other services

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