Tax preparation

Following the US tax law and filing tax returns for customers, helping individuals and businesses to file tax returns accurately and in a timely manner, ensuring compliance with tax requirements, obtaining the greatest tax benefits and reducing the risk of being taxed.

U.S. tax preparation services
● File tax returns to ensure valid tax returns.
● Assistance with any tax related questions.
● Collect financial information, including W-2, 1099, 1098 and other tax documents.
● Fill out tax forms to ensure they are correct.
● Analyze financial information to ensure its correctness and completeness.
● Provide financial advice to help clients seek maximum tax benefits.
● Choose the most suitable tax deduction item to reduce tax burden.

Through Chang & Deka services, you can easily save time and energy, ensure the correctness and completeness of tax filing information, and obtain professional financial advice to reduce your tax burden.

Advantages of US tax preparation:
● Security: Tax preparers have a professional responsibility to keep your personal financial information confidential and to ensure that your tax return information is not misused or accessed inappropriately.
● Save money: Affordable prices are better than any online tax software.
● Financial Advantage: A tax preparer can advise you on maximizing tax benefits to ensure you maximize your wealth legally.
● Save time: Letting a professional handle tax preparation saves you time and energy, allowing you to focus on your career and family.
● Accurate tax return: Professional tax preparers can ensure that your tax return information is correct and complete, avoiding additional fees and fines due to incorrect tax returns.

Chang & Deka can help you with
● Accurately calculate and file taxes
● Assistance in finding tax incentives and credits
● Answers to any of your tax related questions
● Assist you with tax issues and investigations
● Understand and apply the latest changes in US tax law
● Choose the right tax planning and tax laws that apply to you

With the help of Chang & Deka tax preparers, you can ensure a smooth tax filing process and avoid the impact of tax unknown risks and problems.

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