Business Accounting Services

For small and medium-sized business operators, it is cumbersome to need to keep accounts while running their own business. As an entrepreneur, your time is more valuable than ever, and you need to invest your time in the needs of your business. We take care of your business accounts, so you can spend more time focusing on your business goals. We will write all monthly, quarterly and annual reports. To do this, we will do the following for you:

Bank reconciliation
● Export bank account data
● Categorize transactions
● Check the data on the account
● Detect any unauthorized transactions

Maintain general ledger
● Pinpoint low supply and inventory
● Detect double billing
● Identify Unrecorded Payments

Financial Statements

● Prepare income statement and balance sheet
● Summary of enterprise performance
● Create business budgets and forecasts
● Financial Ratio Analysis
● Confirm the taxable amount of the company
● Financial status of the enterprise
● Aging of accounts receivable and payable
● Cash Liquidity Analysis
● Debt Analysis

consultation service
An accurate general ledger is critical to your company's books. Have you ever encountered low supply or low inventory? Or encountered inconsistent ledger balances? We will thoroughly check for all billing errors such as double billing, unrecorded payments, etc.

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