Business Consultation

Provide professional consulting and support services to help you operate, develop and maintain your business activities in the US market. Business consulting services can cover support in market research, strategic planning, business development, brand management, financial analysis and management.

Business Consulting Services
The purpose of the service is to help you and your business make decisions and improve your company's competitiveness and chances of success.

● Market Analysis ● Marketing Strategy
● Product Development ● Risk Management
● Organizational Structure ● Financial Planning
● Legal Consulting ● Brand Management

Entrepreneurship Consulting Service Project
● Marketing: Provide suggestions on marketing strategies to help entrepreneurs increase sales.
● Entrepreneurship financing: assist entrepreneurs to obtain financing, including bank loans, equity financing, investor search, etc.
● Tax Planning: Provide advice on tax planning to help entrepreneurs reduce their tax burden.
● Business plan writing: assist entrepreneurs to write business plans to determine their entrepreneurial goals, market analysis, profit forecasting, financial planning, risk management, etc.
● Commercial legal consultation: assist entrepreneurs to understand commercial laws, including company establishment, contract signing, intellectual property rights, etc.

Steps and Documents Required for Bank of America Loan
● Personal data: name, address, phone number, social security number, etc.
● Financial Information: Expenses, deposits, credit cards and other liabilities.
● Real estate information: If you are applying for a real estate loan, you need to provide detailed information about the real estate.
● Other relevant information: If there are other requirements, the bank may require you to provide other relevant information.
● Employment and Income Information: Include employer's name, address, phone number, income, etc.

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