Accounting Services

Provide professional services for corporate and individual clients on their financial records and tax filing needs in the United States. Chang & Deka accountants assist clients in establishing and maintaining financial records, provide financial reports, interpret financial statements, assist clients in complying with tax regulations and, when necessary, communicate on behalf of clients with tax authorities. In addition, Chang & Deka can provide advice on financial strategies and investment options.

Business Accounting Services

● Preparation and review of financial reports, including profit and loss statements and balance sheets.
● Financial management and advice, including managing costs, increasing revenue and improving revenue.
● Tax planning and representation, assisting clients in complying with tax laws and filing tax returns for clients.
● Simplify the financial management process and assist customers in managing financial records and documents.
● Legality and Compliance Guarantee, ensuring that clients' financial statements and tax documents comply with relevant laws and regulations.

Accounting Software Services

QuickBooks is an American financial management software designed for small businesses and freelancers.
It provides many functions to help you manage company financial information, such as:

● Liability Management: Track your inventory, bank liabilities, and other liability information.
● Tax Reports: Generate tax reports, such as sales tax reports, similar income tax reports, etc.
● Customer Relationship Management: Manage your customer contacts and keep in touch with customers via email, SMS, etc.
● Income and expense management: Track customer payments, supplier bills, expenses and income, etc.
● Bank Account and Cash Flow Management: Synchronize your bank accounts and provide cash flow reports.

These features can help you manage your financial information more effectively to ensure the success of your business.

Advantages of Chang & Deka Professional Accountant Services

Correctness: professional skills to ensure the correctness and credibility of account information.
Time Efficiency: Helps you spend your time on other more valuable activities.
Tax Knowledge: Familiar with various tax rules and regulations to help you save costs in taxation.
Financial Analysis: Help you understand your company's financial status by analyzing account data.
Burden Management: Helps you effectively manage your company's burden, enabling you to allocate resources reasonably.

In conclusion, it is a wise decision to seek the services of Chang & Deka accountants, as it can ensure that your accounts are correct, help you manage your finances better, and save money in terms of taxes.

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