Chang & Deka provides U.S. company registration services to meet every detail of company establishment needs for you. Even if you are not in the United States, you can also assist you to set up a U.S. company and enter the United States.

Why do you want to start a company in the United States?

Expand the global market

Free flow of funds, settled in the US
Enjoy the best of American business resources
Conducive to international trade

High confidentiality, protected by the US government
Venture capital fund

Immigrant Visa Facilitation

Tax incentives

Advantages of US company registration

Sound legal system:
A sound commercial legal system provides strong protection for enterprises.

Strong capital market:
The United States is the largest capital market in the world, and companies registered here can easily obtain funds.

Excellent business environment:
The United States is one of the most attractive business environments in the world, providing a wealth of business opportunities and platforms.

Extensive international influence:
The United States is one of the most influential countries in the world, and company registration here can widely demonstrate its influence.

Favorable tax environment:
Favorable tax environment where companies can obtain lower tax incentives.

Company type selection

LLC is the abbreviation of limited liability company, which has the advantages of simplicity, high efficiency, low taxation and protection of the property of the person in charge.

S Corporation
S Corporation is a general term for small companies, which has the advantages of simplicity, efficiency and low taxation.
C Corporation
C Corporation is the most common type of corporation in the United States, with the highest flexibility and the most comprehensive governance system.
A partnership is a specialized form of business organization, usually created as a partnership between two or more companies.

Which company type to choose depends on your specific needs and circumstances. It is recommended that you seek the assistance of professional legal and financial advisors to ensure that you choose the right company type.

The following main documents are required to register a company in the United States:

1. Business Name:
You will need to first decide on a business name and make sure it is free and meets state legal requirements.

2. Articles of Association:
The Articles of Association outlines the operating rules and organizational structure of the company.

3. Tax number application:
You need to apply for a unified responsible person identification number (EIN) to ensure that your company can operate normally.

4. Company Registration Application:
You will need to complete and submit the state government’s company registration application form.

5. Other required documents:
Depending on state law requirements, you may also be required to submit other required documents such as financial reports, financial disclosures, etc.

6. Place of incorporation:
You need to choose a suitable state as the place of incorporation.

7. U.S. bank account:
Guide and assist you to open a U.S. bank account, and provide relevant documents required for U.S. bank account opening.

8. List of shareholders and directors:
You need to determine the list of shareholders and directors of the company.

These documents may vary from state to state, so it is recommended that you consult with your local state authority or a professional advisor to ensure you have submitted all required documents.

Entry solution

Basic solution

                              Company registration

    • Company Establishment Consultation (one hour)
    • Virtual office setup
    • Registered agent application
    • State government registration
    • Apply for the corporate tax number EIN
    • Includes registration fee


                            Company registration

• Company Establishment Consultation (one hour)
• Virtual office setup
• Registered agent application
• State government registration
• Apply for the corporate tax number EIN
• Includes registration fee
• Articles of Association
• Shareholder agreement
• Assist in opening bank accounts

                                 Tax declaration

• Annual company inspection
• First-year federal tax filing
• The first year of bi-state tax filing
(If the filing is complicated or combined, the fee is extra)

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