Payroll Services

We've got you covered so you can focus on your business American payroll service refers to a series of salary-related services specially provided for enterprises and individuals, including calculating employee salary, calculating social security, provident fund, tax withholding, preparing salary certificates, etc. The purpose of these services is to save clients time and effort and ensure their payroll procedures are legal and tax compliant.

Focus on your business

The purpose of the payroll service is to help companies manage human resources, reduce operating costs, improve efficiency, and ensure that corporate payroll expenditures comply with legal regulations and are used effectively. Services include: salary calculation, tax declaration, welfare management, etc. You can be more confident in the development of enterprise business.

Full Compliance

Ensure that salary payment is implemented in accordance with salary regulations, calculate employee salaries, benefits, subsidies, etc.,
handle salary and tax documents, and ensure compliance with US salary tax regulations. This service assists businesses in avoiding the risks and penalties associated with payroll violations.

Accurate and real-time payroll processing

Use advanced technology and procedures to manage and process the enterprise's salary, accurately improve efficiency, ensure accurate and real-time salary calculation, and provide transparency between the enterprise and employees. Provided by Chang & Deka Professional Accountants, you can ensure the smoothness and efficiency of the payroll management process.

Salary Expert Consultation

Provide professional salary management and tax consulting, through the analysis of the client company's salary management needs, accurate and instant salary processing suggestions. We can also help you resolve any payroll and tax disputes, ensuring you are paid legally and on time.

Mitigating Risk

Through professional management and technology, the payroll service helps you reduce the risks caused by payroll management, including management errors, legal violations, government tax issues, etc. Chang & Deka will provide you with accurate and real-time salary processing to ensure the legal and compliant operation of the enterprise and the safety of the enterprise's property.

Payroll Services Scope

Salary calculation:
Calculate the employee's income according to the employee's working hours and salary level.
Tax Report:
Collect employee's W-4 and I-9 forms to determine payroll reporting requirements under US tax laws.
Social Security Report:
Provides cost calculations and reports for Social Security and Unemployment Insurance.
Report development:
According to customer needs, formulate salary reports and analysis, so that customers can understand their salary costs and management conditions.
Salary regulation:
Oversee the payroll process to ensure compliance with relevant laws and policies.
Salary consultation:
Provide professional advice and consultation on payroll management.
Optimize salary structure:
Provide professional advice to improve the salary structure of the company to maximize profits.

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