Tax Service

Tax filing services cover all types of tax reporting including personal tax, corporate tax, non-profit organization tax and other special taxes. Through Chang & Deka tax reporting service, you can get the assistance of professional tax consultants to ensure that your tax report is correct and submitted within the time limit.

Maximize Saving
Chang & Deka tax experts provide you with suitable long-term or short-term tax strategies to maximize your tax savings.
Time Saving
Let our professionals prepare your taxes for you, saving you time that you can invest in your business development.
Peace of Mind
Don't worry about filing too late or missing the deadline, Chang & Deka will check the tax details for you.
Tax Expert Support
Chang & Deka tax team has experienced certified public accountants (CPA) and tax accountants (EA) to provide services for you at any time.

Advantages of Chang & Deka Tax Preparation Services
● Reduced risk: Obtaining professional tax preparation services can reduce the risk of tax return errors.
● Get Professional Advice: Chang & Deka tax preparers have intimate knowledge of US tax laws and can provide professional advice to ensure your tax returns are correct.
● Simplify tax procedures: Chang & Deka tax preparation services allow you to simplify your tax procedures to increase efficiency and reduce stress.
● Get More Tax Refund: Chang & Deka tax preparers know how to take advantage of tax incentives and credits to help you get the most out of your tax refund.

Advantages of Chang & Deka tax preparation service
● Professional knowledge: We have professional tax consultants who have an in-depth understanding of US tax laws, policies and mortgage loans.
● Time advantage: save your time and let you focus on business development.
● Financial savings: help you properly claim tax incentives to maximize your tax returns.
● Update Knowledge: Update the latest changes in tax laws and policies at any time to ensure that your tax information is up to date.
● Tax risk management: assist you in managing tax risks and avoiding the risk of illegal tax declaration.

ITIN application

Chang & Deka are Certified Acceptance Agents and we assist individuals with US tax obligations who do not have a Social Security Number to apply for a Personal Tax ID Number with the IRS.

Prepare tax return

Tax experts prepare tax returns for you personally or business. After your tax is fully prepared, it will be reviewed by our certified public accountant, and the declaration will be completed before the deadline.

Wealth tax planning

How to inherit your business and wealth to the next generation with the lowest tax burden after retirement?
Chang & Deka's professional wealth planning will help you make the right choice in important decisions.

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